My paintings are a study in contrasts: empty and occupied spaces; light and dark; abstract and representational; Eastern and Western; traditional and contemporary; planned brush strokes with a spontaneous flow of ink; and the simplicity and complexity from the experience of the natural landscape. Working with traditional xuan paper on canvas, I strive to convey the feeling of the interplay between the landscape and the atmosphere rather than its true visual representation.
Through my paintings I harmonize both intentional brush strokes and pigment with a natural order or flow. The painting begins to come together when there is a unified balance and rhythm between the unplanned movement of the pigment and an intuitive attention to the imagery. My goal is not to replicate an outer realism of a landscape but rather to capture the essence of a mountain range, the depth of water, or the feeling of mist.
With ink and xuan paper as the foundation to my paintings, I layer a mixture of Western and Eastern techniques to form a cohesive work. I find Chinese ink and xuan paper the most versatile and expressive of materials to convey a sensory feeling of nature. These meditative reflections on nature visually explore the simplicity of empty spaces filled with the presence of an imagined landscape.
-Karen M. Krieger

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