Selections from the North American Print Biennial, SGC InternationalApril 2024, Providence, RI
Circle Gallery, Yosemite Renaissance Juried exhibition, Jan-March 2024, Madera County, CA
Yosemite Museum, Yosemite Renaissance Juried exhibition, Oct-Dec. 2023, Yosemite Park, CA.
2023 North American Juried Prints Biennial, The Boston Printmakers, Oct-Dec. 2023, Boston, MA
Carnegie Arts Center, Yosemite Renaissance juried exhibition, August - October 2023, Turlock, CA
Kings Art Center, Yosemite Renaissance juried exhibition, July 2023, Hanford, CA
Yosemite Gateway Art Center, Yosemite Renaissance juried exhibition, March 2023, Oakhurst, CA
DUO Exhibition:  Inner Space Fine Arts, Land/Water exhibition, November 2022, N. Reading, MA
Inner Space Fine Arts: Inaugural Celebration, March 2020, N. Reading, MA
According to McGee Gallery, September 2019 to September 2022, York, England, U.K
The September Collection: Prince & Pilgrim Gallery, September 2018, Kew, London, U.K
Battersea Exhibition: Prince & Pilgrim Art Gallery, June 2018, Battersea, London, U.K.
​Tao Water Art Gallery: June-October 2018 W. Barnstable, MA
​Battersea Contemporary Art Fair: Prince & Pilgrim Art Gallery, March 2018, London, U.K.
​Winter ExhibitionPrince & Pilgrim Art Gallery, February 2018, Kew, London, U.K.
​New Work: Tao Water Art Gallery, June-October 2017, W. Barnstable, MA
​Provincetown Art Association & Museum Members’ Open, March 2017, Provincetown, MA
SOLO Exhibition: Tao Water Art Gallery, August 2016, W. Barnstable, MA.
Galatea Fine Art Juried New England Collective VII Exhibition, August 2016, Boston, MA.
​Provincetown Art Association & Museum Members’ Juried, February 2016, Provincetown, MA. 
​Provincetown Art Association & Museum Members’ Small Works, November 2015, Provincetown, MA. 
SOLO Exhibition: Tao Water Art Gallery, August 2015, Provincetown, MA. 
​Galatea Fine Art Juried New England Collective V Exhibition, August 2014, Boston, MA
SOLO Exhibition: Tao Water Art Gallery, June 2014, Provincetown, MA. 
​Provincetown Art Association & Museum Members’ Open Fresh, January 2014, Provincetown, MA. 
​Barrett Art Center’s Astronomy & the Arts, November 2013, Poughkeepsie, NY. 
​Barrett Art Center’s National Juried Art Exhibition, September 2013, Poughkeepsie, NY. 
​Galatea Fine Art Juried New England Collective IV Exhibition, August 2013, Boston, MA. 
​Provincetown Art Association & Museum Members’ 12x12 Show, July 3013, Provincetown, MA. 
​Provincetown Art Association & Museum Members’ Show, April 2013, Provincetown, MA. 
​Provincetown Art Association Members’ Juried Winter, December 2012,  Provincetown, MA.
​Hygienic Art Gallery’s “Migration” Group Show, November 2012, New London, CT. 
Provincetown Art Association & Museum Members’ Small Works, 2012, Provincetown, MA. 
​Mills Gallery Juried ‘The Future of the Past: Encaustic Art in the 21st Century’, Oct. 2012, Boston, MA 
​The Encaustic Art Institute’s National Juried Encaustic Exhibition, September 2012, Santa Fe, NM
​Provincetown Art Association Members’ Juried Miniatures Show, September 2012, Provincetown, MA.​
Kobalt Gallery Juried Encaustic Exhibition, June 2012, Provincetown, MA. 
​Barrett Art Center’s 27th Annual National Juried Art Exhibition, January 2012, Poughkeepsie, NY. 
​Bromfield Gallery Juried 12x12 Holiday Show, December 2011, Boston, MA.
​Windsor Whip Works Art Gallery National Small Works Art Competition, November 2011, Windsor NY.
​Monotype Guild of New England Open Regional Juried Exhibition, September 2011, Wallingford, CT. 
​Newburyport Art Association 14th Annual Regional Juried Show, May 2011, Newburyport, MA. 
​Bromfield Gallery 12x12 Juried Holiday Show, December 2010, Boston, MA .
​Monotype Guild of New England 2nd National Exhibition, Fitchburg Art Museum, September 2010 .
​Cambridge Art Association Northeast Juried Prize Show, May 2010, Cambridge, MA.
​Cambridge Art Association Juried “Blue” Show, May 2006, Cambridge, MA. 
​Bromfield Gallery 12x12 Juried Holiday Show, December 2006, Boston, MA. 
​Alternative Currents Juried “The Blue Show”, March 2006, Boston, MA.
​Brandeis University,  B.A. Philosophy & Music,  1987
Massachusetts College of Art, Certificate Graphic Design, 1995
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